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Mineral aggregates are used in all aspects of the construction industry to produce bituminous mixtures, concrete, mortars, fill materials, railway ballast, etc.

Discover our complete range of equipment to test geometrical, mechanical, thermal and chemical aggregate properties.

Micro-Deval Testing Machine

The Micro-Deval testing machine is used to determine aggregates' resistance to wear.

Microlance Instant Moisture and Temperature Tester

This instrument measures the moisture and temperature of building materials.

Nordic Micro-Deval Testing Machine

Is used to determine aggregates resistance to wear by abrasion from studded tires

Organic Impurities Test Bottles

Used for determining the organic impurities in fine aggregates by the colorimetric method

Potential Alkali-Silica Reactivity of Aggregates. Chemical Method

The 48-D0545 container is made from stainless steel and is fit with an airtight cover.

Proportional Caliper

Use for the rapid and easy determination of percentage of flat particles elongated particles....

Pyknometer with Conical Screw Cap

Glass jar supplied complete with non corrodible cone and rubber seal. Weight

Quantab Titrators

This test method provides a measurement of water soluble chloride salts present in aggregates.

Riffle Boxes (Sample Splitters)

Used to divide representative dry samples into the required batch sizes for testing.

Sand Absorption Cone and Pyknometer

Sand absorption cone and Pyknometer conforming EN and ASTM standards.

Sand Equivalent Shakers

To provide a completely uniform shaking action at the specified rate.

Sand Equivalent Test Set

tow versions of Sand equivalent test set conforming to EN 933-8 and ASTM D2419

Scratch Hardness Apparatus

Used in the field to determine the quantity of soft particles in coarse aggregate.

Screen Trays, ASTM and EN

Designed for sizing large quantity of aggregates, conforming ASTM and ISO standards.

Shape Index Apparatus

Used to determine the shape factor of the aggregates. Supplied complete with carrying case.

Skid Resistance and Friction Tester

Used for the measurement of surface friction properties, the apparatus is suitable for...

Specific Gravity Bottles

Specific items for determining the particle density of filler,

Specific Gravity Frame and Baskets

Specific gravity determination of fresh and hardened concrete and aggregates.