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Metodi di Prova non Distruttivi (NDT)

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SonReb analysis - Assessment of concrete strength with combined method Ultrasonic velocity (with 58-E4900) / Rebound index (with 58-C0181/DGT)

Il continuo sviluppo e miglioramento delle tecniche di prova in situ -meglio note come metodi di prova non distruttivi (NDT)- sono il risultato della costante necessità di indagare la qualità e l'integrità delle nuove strutture cosiccome i problemi associati agli edifici storici come ad esempio il progressivo invecchiamento del calcestruzzo e l'effetto degli attacchi chimici, spesso dovuti all'inquinamento atmosferico o all'uso di cloruri in inverno per prevenire la formazione di ghiaccio.
Questa sezione include una vasta selezione di strumenti e attrezzature NDT.

Concrete Test Hammer

The concrete test hammer is used to evaluate the surface hardness of hardened concrete...

Covermeter, Bartracker

Used to measure the thickness of concrete cover over steel reinforcement bars and metal pipes,

Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity Tester

used for quality control and inspection of concrete. It measures the transit time...

Chloride Ion Penetration Meter

This test method allows concrete to be evaluated in terms of chloride permeability,

Digital Rebound Test Hammer

This method can be used to assess the uniformity of concrete in situ, to delineate zones or...

Ultrasonic Pulse Analyzer

The PULSONIC is used for measuring the velocity of ultrasonic pulses through a concrete section

Chloride Field Test Set

This test set, which correlates to ASTM C114 and AASHTO T260, is used for the determination of the c

Cross-Hole Analyzer for Foundation Piles Wireless Modular Version

The cross-hole method is a way to analyze the foundation piles of buildings,

Pull-Off Tester

The apparatus is mainly used to evaluate the bond strength of two layers of concrete...

Cor Map Apparatus for Rebar Corrosion Location

the Cor Map apparatus, using the half cell method, can be plotted on a grid...

Resonance Frequency Meter

Used for determining the Longitudinal, Transverse (Flexural) and Torsional resonant frequency...

Carbonation depth determination - CARBONTEST

Carbonation is a serious problem for many reinforced concrete buildings that have been in service

Carbonation Test Set

This simple test allows the measurement of depth of carbonation through the surface of concrete.

Air and Water Permeability Test Set. John Figg Method

This method covers the determination of susceptibility to chloride and carbonation penetration...

Automatic Motorized Pull-Off Bond Strength Tester

Fitted with a high resolution load cell and houses a built-in motorized hydraulic actuator automat..

Crack Width Gauges

Used for measuring the crack widths in different positions: walls, corners, floor...

Crack Width Microscope

A high quality microscope designed for measuring crack widths in concrete members, masonry walls...

Deep Scanning Metal Locator

Finds rebar and metallic pipes, conduit, metal studs, junction boxes and metal framing up to 150 mm