Equipos Generales Lab

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Ofrecemos una amplia gama de instrumentos de medición, así como equipos de laboratorio químico de uso común para muchas aplicaciones de ensayos específicos de materiales como el hormigón, el cemento y el asfalto, entre otros.


Round and flat Aluminium Scoops


Stainless flexible spatulas

Specific Gravity Bottles

Gay-Lussac type, made from borosilicate glass

Standard Calibration Masses

These weights are used for periodic checking of the balances. Class M1, brass weights..

Stopwatch and Digital Timer

Stopwatch and Digital timers.

Strain Gauge Load Cells, 2.5 to 50 kN Cap.

Two versions available: Standard and complete with traceable certificate of calibration

Strain Gauge Transducers

These displacement transducers are the most covenient solution granting high-precision

Support Bases, Sleeves , Clamps

Support bases, Sleeves and Clamps


Simultaneous recording of both temperature and humidity. Supplied complete with 100 charts, 2 pens..

Top Loading Balances Selector

Two lines of balances selected to satisfy the requirements of field or testing laboratories.

Trays and Pans

Stainless steel pans, Aluminium pans and Steel mixing tray, nesting type.

Trolley, Carts

Useful for handling concrete samples or moulds in the laboratory.



Vacuum Pumps

Portable vacuum pumps, free air displacement 75 l/min, ultimate vacuum 0.1 and 0.01 mba

Vacuum Regulator

The vacuum fine regulation and monitoring are required by particular tests as for example the Binder

Volumetric Flasks

Stoppered and Unstoppered volumetric flasks

Water bath for Penetration Tests

Specifically designed for penetration tests of bituminous materials.

Water Baths

Used to condition Marshall (60±1°C) and other asphalt specimens (e.g. tar specimens at 37.8±1°C)