Equipos Generales Lab

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Ofrecemos una amplia gama de instrumentos de medición, así como equipos de laboratorio químico de uso común para muchas aplicaciones de ensayos específicos de materiales como el hormigón, el cemento y el asfalto, entre otros.

Data Acquisition Unit DATALOG 8 - Battery Operated Version Designed for In-Field Applications

Data logger for general purpose acquisition and processing for laboratory and site applications


Made from glass, complete with dessicator plate. Safety cage for vacuum dessicators also available.

Dial Indicators

Features 58 mm dia., clockwise rotation, complete with rear mount.

Dial Thermometers

Pocket size dial thermometer, ​​​​​​​Dial Thermometer and Thermometer Surface

DIGIMAX TOUCH Screen Readout and Data Acquisition Unit for CBR, Marshall, Indirect Tensile and Universal Tests

Based on the latest electronics technologies this modern readout unit offers advanced performances

Digital Caliper

Digital calipers made in stainless steel. reading 0,01 mm, accuracy ± 0.02 mm

Digital Dial Indicators

They feature 58 mm dia., complete with rear mount and serial output.

Digital Hot Plates

Designed to meet laboratory daily heating requirements.

Digital Instrumentation

Connected to any strain gauge load cell, it is used for the force verification of testing machine

Digital Thermometers

Cover practically all applications in the construction industry.

Electric Generator

For site use with electrically operated core drilling machines and other apparatus when mains curren

Evaporating Dishes

Evaporating dishes

Filter Flasks

Filter flasks

Filter Paper

Filter Papers


Funnels, crucibles, stirring rods.

General Tools

General Tools

General Utility Hot Plates

Used in the laboratory for a large variety of applications.

Glass Funnels

Glass Funnels