Equipos Generales Lab

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Ofrecemos una amplia gama de instrumentos de medición, así como equipos de laboratorio químico de uso común para muchas aplicaciones de ensayos específicos de materiales como el hormigón, el cemento y el asfalto, entre otros.

Laboratory Drying Ovens - L, H and Q Series Selector

Three series are available specifically designed for civil engineering testing laboratories

Advanced Climatic Cabinets

Two versions of this advanced thermal chamber are available.

Air Compressors

Both models are ideal for laboratory use.

Air Drier

Used to dry small quantities of soil and aggregate particles

Air Drying Unit

Can be installed between the vacuum pump (see Vacuum pumps) and the apparatus to be de-aired

Analytical Balance

This model is particularly suitable for cement-heat of hydration testing- where a very high accuracy




Reagent and Dropping bottles.

Bottles and Funnels

Storage bottles, wash bottles, Plastic containers with airtight lid and handles and Plastic funnels


Brushes for various laboratory activities

Bunsen Burner, Tripods, Wire Gauzes, Tongs

Bunsen burner, Tripods, Wire gauzes, Tongs

Chemicals and Reagents

A comprehensive range of laboratory chemicals and reagents is available

Circulating Water Bath with Cooler Unit

This multi-purpose digital unit, fit with cooler unit and recirculating water system,

Conical Flasks

Erlenmeyer conical flask

Data Acquisition Unit DATALOG 8

DATALOG 8 is a stand alone data logger for general purpose acquisition, processing and data storage

Data Acquisition Unit DATALOG 8 - Battery Operated Version Designed for In-Field Applications

Data logger for general purpose acquisition and processing for laboratory and site applications


Made from glass, complete with dessicator plate. Safety cage for vacuum dessicators also available.

Dial Indicators

Features 58 mm dia., clockwise rotation, complete with rear mount.