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Centrifuge binder extractors

Asfalto/mezcla bituminosa - Centrifuge binder extractors: Centrifuge binder extractors

The centrifuges are used for the determination of bitumen percentage in bituminous mixtures. All models comprise a removable precision-machined rotor bowl housed in a cylindrical aluminium box. They are driven by an electric motor fit with AC drive (inverter) with the double function of speed control up to...
Reflux extractors

Asfalto/mezcla bituminosa - Hot methods binder extractors: Reflux extractors

Used for the quantitative determination of bitumen in hot-mixed paving mixtures and pavement samples. The bitumen content is calculated by difference from the weight of extracted aggregates, moisture content and ash from an aliquot par of the extract. The apparatus consists of a two wire mesh cones with...
Automatic bitumen extractor

Asfalto/mezcla bituminosa - Automatic binder extractor : Automatic bitumen extractor

Introduction Used for separation and extraction of bitumen by use of perchloroethylene  or trichloroethylene solvents and sieving, for the separation of filler by centrifuge action and for the recovery of solvent material. The complete cycle is carried out automatically. We propose two versions...
Hot mix asphalt automatic closed loop extractor PAVE ANALYZER

Asfalto/mezcla bituminosa - Automatic binder extractor : Hot mix asphalt automatic closed loop extractor PAVE ANALYZER

The PAVELAB 50 Pave Analyzer represents the second generation of automatic closed loop bitumen and binder extractor developed by PAVELAB® SYSTEMS.  This new machine has been provided with key features that makes it a unique system currently available in the international market. The Pavelab50...