Automatic Vicat apparatus

Along with hardening process development, the penetration depth decreases, initial and final setting times are measured and recorded automatically by the use of  VICAMATIC2.

Compressometers-elastometers for the determination of Modulus of Elasticity

The Elastic Modulus test can be automatically performed with AUTOMAX E-Modulus. The video shows hot to fit the concrete sample (a cylinder, in this case) with the measuring device that consist of three high-precision inductive transducers. Further informations on the dedicated web page

Automax E-Modulus automatic compression test: determination of initial and stabilized secant modulus

AUTOMAX E-Modulus is the  console for the automatic determination of Elastic Modulus and Poisson's ratio. This video explain the determination of secant modulus of elasticity in compression of hardened concrete specimens. The use of an automatic system ensures the determination of both initial and stabilized moduli.