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Proctor moulds and rammers, ASTM/AASHTO

Terre - Proctor compaction: Proctor moulds and rammers, ASTM/AASHTO

Used for determining the relationship between the moisture content and density of compacted soil. The mould includes collar, mould body and base plate. The rammer construction includes a guide sleeve with vent holes. Different versions are available that conform to the various commonly used...
Universal Proctor/CBR automatic compactors

Terre - Automatic Proctor-CBR compactors: Universal Proctor/CBR automatic compactors

The automatic compactor provides a fully automatic and uniform compaction of specified effort, thus ensuring repeatable test results and eliminating any operator fatigue during the tests. Conforming to all the above and other major International Standards, designed for moulds 100 to 102 and 150 to 152.4...
Laboratory ovens

Apparecchiature generiche - Ovens and hot plates: Laboratory ovens

Especially designed for soil, aggregates and asphalt testing, these advanced models feature all stainless steel internal and external lining, with 60 mm thick insulation, fast heat up, , easy to read digital control and forced convection airflow for uniform temperature throughout the oven chamber. Easy to...