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Filterless centrifuge binder extractors

Asfalto/miscele bituminose - Filterless centrifuge binder extractors: Filterless centrifuge binder extractors

Used for rapid filterless separation of filler (ash) from binder solution coming, for instance, from \#wire-mesh-extractor\# model 75-B0015. The centrifuge can also be used for binder recovery from an asphalt sample previously disgregated in solvent and poured into the funnel fit with 200 mm dia. test sieves...
Binder recovery apparatus by Abson method

Asfalto/miscele bituminose - Binder recovery: Binder recovery apparatus by Abson method

Used for recovering the asphalt (bitumen) from a solution of a previous extraction. The asphalt is recovered with properties substantially the same as those it possessed in the bituminous mixture and in quantities sufficient for further testing. The apparatus consists of a distillation assembly...