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Public Lecture on Construction Material Testing at Gishari Integrated Polytechnic - Rwanda

InGhisari Integrated Polytechnic (GIP), Rwamagana - Rwanda there occurred aPublic lecture on Construction Materials Testingby a team fromCONTROLS Testing Equipment UKandECMN Ltd, CONTROLS Group agent in Rwanda.

The team was led byMr. David Rolfefrom CONTROLS Group, who has forty years of experience in Construction Material Testing, andMr. Saens Hategekimana Technical Manager based in Rwanda representing CONTROLS Group for the past 12 years.

The lecture focused on Tests of Construction Material, for which CONTROLS Group is global leader, with more attention for specific test on soil and rock and for the new methods, techniques and trends of tests that are to be adpoted in future to test concrete, as per the concrete fiber reinforced testing.

CONTROLS Group is very satisfied of this kind of event which is very important for the construction industry because, as explaned by Mr.Rolfe, there exists a working relationship which is mainly based on training offered and the tools and equipment used in construction materials.

For more information please see theUniversity website.