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Doroga — Russia, 2018

In Russia, Doroga is the reference annual event for Road construction and asphalt industry.

Previously held at Moscow Krokus Expo Center, from 2018 the Exhibition and conference is now organized on travelling basis with a different location each year.

On 16-18 October visitors arriving from all corners of the Russian Federation met at the brand new Expo Center of Kazan, the capital of Tatarstan Republic

In 2106, New GOST normative for road materials testing quality control were implemented based on Superpave-SHRP methods.

This year at Doroga, BAV Ltd, Controls Group | IPC Global Pavelab division’s distributor for Russian presented a large selection of innovative asphalt testing lab equipment including:
- Pavelab Ignition asphalt analyzer
- Galileo Electromechanical Asphalt Gyratory compactor
- Uniframe Automatic 50KN universal asphalt tester

See you next year at the next Doroga location!