Notizie & Eventi

10° AMAAC Asphalt Conference - Mexico

CONTROLS Group, represented by our Mexican branchEQUIPOS DE ENSAYE CONTROLS, S.A. de C.V., attended toX Décimo CongresoMexicano del Asfaltoheld in Cancun, Mexico (August 23-25, 2017).

The new range of Ems Electromechanical Servoactuation testing machine fromIPC Global | CONTROLS Grouprange was presented for the first time in Mexican market, including the newAsphaltQubecompact dynamic testing machine andGalileogyratory compactor.

During the event Joaquin Piqueras and Andrea Carlessi, from CONTROLS Group staff, held a workshop titled"Tecnologia Innovadora al Servicio de los Pavimentos Asfalticos".

CONTROLS Group would like to thanks all visitors and participants to the workshop.