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ISAP — Brasil | 18-21 June 2018

ISAP Conference on Asphalt Pavements will be held on 19-21 June at the Hotel Gran Marquise in Fortaleza, Brazil.

The ISAP 2018 Conference will be an opportunity to examine the future directions of the asphalt issues, such as long-term performance, environmental protection, socio-òeconomic impacts, and political concerns.

CONTROLS Group together with MTS Sistemas do Brasil, our distributor in Brazil, will be present to share the experience and expertise of IPC Global | CONTROLS Group in Advanced Pavements Testing Systems.

Coinciding with the event, on 18 June from 3.00     pm   to 5.00 pm at the Hotel Gran Marquise,  CONTROLS Group and MTS are holding a seminar titled  "Advanced Characterization of Asphalt Materials".

The new   Brazilian   standard on asphalt characterization as well as advanced equipment to perform the tests required by the new   Brazilian   guideline will  be discussed during the presentation.

Eng. A.Carlessi from CONTROLS Group and Dr. L.A.Herrmann do Nascimento from I+D Center of   Petrobas   will be the panelists with their lectures   "The importance of Asphalt Characterization" and   "Use of Viscoelastic Continuous Damage   Mechanics    (VECD) in the Evaluation of Asphalt Mixtures and Pavements". 

We would like to invite all the participants to this valuable opportunity for education and debate.
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