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AUTOSHEAR - how to direct shear test

AUTOSHEAR - how to direct shear test

Wykeham Farrance Corporate VIdeo - December 2017

At the forefront of Soil Testing for over 70 years, Wykeham Farrance has been instrumental in the development of internationally recognized test systems that are capable of replicating complex phenomena in a laboratory environment. A member of CONTROLS Group since 2004, Wykeham Farrance’s expertise, coupled with 60+ years of CONTROLS Group’s leadership in construction material testing equipment, gives you access to a range of expert Soil Testing Systems that are innovative, easy to use and affordable.

Triaxial undisturbed sample preparation

The preparation of an undisturbed sample is a very sensitive operation that requires skilled operator further to some relevant accessories. The video shows the preparation procedure.

Triaxial reconstituted sample preparation

A reconstituted soil sample can be prepared with proper accessories on the triaxial cell base following some relevant operational tips.

ACE Automatic Computerized oEdometer

How to perform automatic consolidation test on soil according to ASTM D2435