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NEW IPC Global | CONTROLS Group catalogue 2017 Download
Product overview Download
AMPT-PRO Download
AMPT PRO SCB and IDT Kits Download
AMPT Uniaxial Fatigue Download
AMPTQube Download
AsphaltQube Download
Automatic Triaxial Cell Download
Automatic Ring and Ball apparatus Download
Asphalt Binder Rotational Viscometers Download
Base Mount UTM-130 Download
Bitumix Download
Bitumax Download
BBR Download
Compression Test Kit Download
Disk-Shaped Compact Tension Test Kit Download
DSR – Dynamic Shear Rheometer Download
Ductimeter Download
Duplicate Shear Test Jig Download
DWT Download
Electromechanical Multisize Slab Compactor Download
Extra Large Four Point Bend Jig Download
Four Point Bend Jig Download
Gauge Point Fixing Jig Download
GALILEO and GALILEO Research Download
General Purpose Four Point Bending Jig Download
Gyrocomp Download
IMACS 2 Download
Indirect Tensile Jig and Upgrade Kits Download
Multi Core-Drill Download
Multi-Purpose Dynamic Modulus and Uniaxial Fatigue Proving Ring Download
Multisaw Download
PAV and VDO Download
PAVELAB 50 Download
PReSBOX Download
PReSBOX Heater Download
SCB Tester — Stand-Alone Download
Semi-Circular Bend (SCB) Jigs Download
Servo-Pneumatic Four Point Bend Apparatus Download
Tension Platen Gluing Jig Download
Thermal Stress Restrained Specimen Tensile Strength Download
Trapezoidal Two Point Bend Jig Download
Uniaxial Thermal Stress and Strain Test Download
Universal Triaxial Cell Download
Upright Servo-Pneumatic Systems Download
Upright Mount UTM-30 Download
Pivot Download
RTFOT Download
UTM Systems Download
UTM-130XL Download
UTS Neutron Download
General Catalogue - 8th edition
General Catalogue - 8th edition
General Catalogue 8th edition Download
Catalogue en ligne
Concrete & Cement
Concrete & Cement

We suggest an easy download of these Catalogues or videos concerning Concrete, Cement and Universal Testers-Steel.

COMPACT-Line compression machines brochure's collection Download
Compression and flexural testing machines-2014 Download
AUTOMAX - PILOT - DIGIMAX: SMART-Line control consoles for Hydraulic testing frames Download
BARTRACKER - Concrete covermeter Download
VICAMATIC 2 - Automatic setting time tester for cement, mortar and gypsum Download
ASTM Compression Machines Download
New UTM-HPT Series Download
AUTOMAX Multitest – Computerized Control Console Download
Soil & Rock Mechanics
Soil & Rock Mechanics
NEW Electromechanical Servoactuation Product range 2018 - WYKEHAM FARRANCE Download
ACE EmS - Advanced Automatic Oedometer System for Soil Consolidation - WYKEHAM FARRANCE Download
SHEARMATIC EmS - Advanced Automatic Direct/Residual Shear Testing Machine - WYKEHAM FARRANCE Download
Latest generation of Triaxial systems - WYKEHAM FARRANCE Download
AUTOTRIAX 2 EmS - Automatic triaxial tests system - WYKEHAM FARRANCE Download
RESONANT COLUMN - Combined resonant column and torsional shear device - WYKEHAM FARRANCE Download
Retrofitting made easy with WYKEHAM FARRANCE Download