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Résultats pour: 'DIN 4094'
Lightweight dynamic penetrometer

Sols - Field penetrometers: Lightweight dynamic penetrometer

Penetrometers are used to establish the thickness of different stratifications when investigating the suitability of a site for bridge, road or other construction works. In general if the ground is not too compact, penetration tests with this apparatus can be carried out to depths of about 8 to 12 m. The...
Dynamic penetrometer motor operated 20-30 kg drop weight

Sols - Field penetrometers: Dynamic penetrometer motor operated 20-30 kg drop weight

The apparatus comprises a 4 stroke engine which drives, through a flexible shaft, the lifting mechanism, a 20 kg weight, a 10 kg supplementary weight, 10 rods, 5 cones each of 500 and 1000 mm2 size, and rod lifting device. The heaviest part of this apparatus is 20 kg dropping weight so it is very simple to...