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Résultats pour: 'ASTM E11'
Sieves, ASTM,  fine and coarse woven cloth

Granulats - Sieves: Sieves, ASTM, fine and coarse woven cloth

Complete range of full depth testing sieves 8” and 12” dia. All frames and wire cloth sieves are manufactured from stainless steel.  Sieves having the same nominal dia. are designed to nest one in each other. Using 200 mm sieves (8”) is possible to test up to 1000 g of aggregates and...
Screen trays, ASTM and EN

Granulats - Sieves: Screen trays, ASTM and EN

Designed for sizing large quantity of aggregates from 4” size (101.6 mm), down to N° 200 opening (0.074 mm). Used with the High capacity screen shaker  15-D0420/A, can size up to 30 liters (1 cubic feet) of aggregates. Made from steel, are available in different versions: ASTM E11,...
Wet washing sieves

Granulats - Sieves: Wet washing sieves

Used for wet testing of fine granular materials. Weight approx.: 1 kg