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This video is a comprehensive overview of IPC Global's widest and most unique range including static and dynamic testing machines that cover all the applications needed by the most demanding laboratories.

Galileo and Galileo Research

Discover the newly released Galileo, IPC Global's NEW fully electromechanical Gyratory compactor — a true Copernican Revolution in the world of Gyratory Compaction.

Automatic closed-loop asphalt analyzer

Binder extraction and recovery is important for both determining the binder content and recovering a representative sample which can be used to perform other tests such as penetration, softening point, etc. The machine used is a Pavelab Systems product, by Controls.  

Double wheel tracker - test in AIR to EN 12697-22, Procedure B

The wheel tracking test is used for determining the susceptibility of Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) to deform under load by measuring the rut depth formed by repeated passes of a loaded wheel at a fixed temperature.

Pivot automatic bitumen penetrometer

The penetration test is used as a measure of consistency. Higher values of penetration indicate softer consistency. PAVELAB SYSTEMS Pivot is able to perform this test automatically and it features a very accurate zero point determination to eliminate any operator error.

Pneumatic Four Point Bend apparatus

Four Point Bend Apparatus is a stand-alone system for four-point fatigue life testing of asphalt beams subjected to repeated flexural bending.  Designed and Engineered specifically to meet EN12697-24D, EN12697-26B, AASHTO T321 and AG:PT/T233 (AST 03:2000) IPC Global's Pneumatic Four Point Bend Apparatus is the choice of leading asphalt researchers world wide.

Asphalt Mixture Performance Tester AMPT Pro

AMPT Pro has been designed with the latest technologies and product developments to ensure that it surpasses any other product on the market. AMPT Pro fully complies with AASHTO TP 79 and can perform the three asphalt tests of NCHRP Projects 9-19 and 9-29 – Dynamic Modulus, Flow Number and Flow Time with ease. In addition AMPT Pro can also perform Uniaxial Fatigue/SVECD, Overlay Test, Semi-Circular Bend, Indirect Tensile Dynamic Modulus, Small Diameter Dynamic Modulus, and iRLPD tests with the addition of optional hardware accessories.

Shear Box Compactor PReSBOX

PReSBOX compactor, developed collaboratively between IPC Global and Pioneer Road Services, provides the latest in asphalt specimen preparation and mix evaluation technology. It produces asphalt beams and cylinders with excellent homogeneity and particle orientation. The unique shearing action of the PReSBOX closely replicates the conditions under which asphalt is placed in the field and gives a good measure of workability.

Automatic triaxial cell

This triaxial cell is suitable for a range of materials including asphalt, soils and unbound granular materials. The Automatic Triaxial Cell allows for quick, simple and easy operation and has been developed to minimise disturbance to the sample and reduce heavy lifting. IPC Global have incorporated innovative pneumatic lift cylinders into the design. These are computer controlled and automatically raise and lower the cell wall to give you complete 360° access to the specimen.