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Automatic triaxial tests system - AUTOTRIAX 2

The optimization of advanced technologies in hardware and software components for high efficiency triaxial tests

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BS 1377:7 | ASTM D2850 | ASTM D4767 | BS 1377:8 | BS 1377:6 | ASTM D7181
Main features
- Automatic execution of up to 6 independent triaxial tests from start to finish with only one  PC;
- type of tests: total and effective stress, stress path, K0, permeability and unsaturated soils;
-high-speed PC closed loop control for continuous monitoring and istantaneous reaction of systems components;
- user-friendly software for remote control and test procedure;
- automation components can be also applied to any existing manual system for automatic mode upgrade;
- space efficiency design;
- no need of air compressor (with exception of unsaturated soils tests);
- ideal solution for high demands laboratories which requires high productivity and reliability;
- AUTOTRIAX 2 features:
Efficiency: 24/7 testing without interruption, maximization of productivity and minimization of staff requirements; 
Flexibility: the system is able to perform several type of tests just adding proper software extension upgrade and components;
Expandability: the modular design conception allows easy expansion of the system without test interruption. 
Reliability: external factors and inconsistencies between different operators are eliminated; test procedures are standardized in a test regime.

General description
General description
The AUTOTRIAX 2 is an advanced triaxial testing system that can automatically perform up to 6 entire and independent tests at the same time, from start to finish, without any human intervention.

Autotriax 2 can perform different kind of triaxial tests as:
- total and effective stress tests as UU (unconsolidated undrained), CU (Consolidated undrained) and CD (consolidated drained)  in isotropic conditions according to ASTM and BS Standards;
- stress path tests following MIT and Cambridge methods;
- K0 anisotropic volume controlled tests;
- Permeability tests in triaxial cells according to BS 1377: 6;
- Unsaturated soil triaxial test with control of matric suction using the axis traslation method.

In typical automatic triaxial configuration includes:
1. Load frame and triaxial cell with accessories: the proper model can be selected from our range (see Triaxial load frame TRITECH  and Triaxial cells for advanced applications or  Double wall triaxial cells for unsaturated tests required for unsaturated test ) or, as alternative, existing machines can be used ; 
2. Data acquisition and control unit  connected to a PC (using a LAN network); 
3. Hydromatic 2 pressure/volume controllers with open/close automatic valves: the pressure controllers can reach up to 3500 kPa and have a volume capacity of 250 cc;
4. Triaxial test automatic control and processing software.

The Autotriax 2 configurations can be extended and expanded in subsequent steps in order to control furter tests adding proper components. These operations can be easly made on site just configuring the user-friendly software, as a plug-and-play system.

The closed-loop feedback control system monitors the components status countinously in order to react to any change in the parameter pre-setted at each test stage.  

More than 30 system configurations are available. For detailed information, including the complete list of equipment and related accessories see Automatic triaxial test systems: Automatic triaxial system configurations.
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Technical specifications

Maximum no. of simultaneous tests: 6
Maximum no. of channels: 96 (in the most extended configuration)
Maximum sample diameter: 150mm
Maximim load: 100 kN cap.
Maximum water pressure: 3500 kPa
Maximum air pressure: 1000 kPa
Maximum volume of pressure/volume controller: 250 cc


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