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Soil mechanics

Automatic triaxial test controller

BS 1377:7 | ASTM D2850 | ASTM D4767 | BS 1377:8 | CEN- ISO/TS 17892-9
Main features
More than the fundamental function on the AUTOTRIAX Automatic triaxial system, the RTC unit can be used to:
The advantage of the RTC unit is that existing manual triaxial compression load frames can be used as part of a semi-automated system. When the full automation is required, it is necessary the Tritech triaxial load frame and/or vacuum cap assembly.
General description
General description
29-WF4530 RTC base system
The RTC 29-WF4530 Control system represent the “brain” of the AUTOTRIAX Automatic triaxial system. One unit can control one fully automated triaxial test system. The RTC chassis can house up to two 29-WF4537 Expansion modules to control two or three fully automated triaxial systems. Furthermore, the 29-WF4530 RTC base system and the 29-WF4537 Expansion modules, can be implemented with the 29-WF4531 Double additional pressure outputs module , to control two more pressure outputs to be used for Permeability or Unsaturated soil tests.
A single 29-WF4530 RTC base system can control:
  • Two pressure lines up to 3500kPa
  • Two ON/OFF valves for drainage lines
  • The speed of the Triaxial load frame
  • The flow direction of the automatic volume change apparatus
The system include the software which manages the transducer calibration and the set up of up to three systems. The calibration data can be exported to the supplied calibration spreadsheet template to print calibration certificates. The RTC base system, ATD 29-WF4616 Data logger and computer running the software modules are all connected together by a high speed communications and control network which allows simultaneous communication between the 29-WF4530 Base system, 29-WF4537 Expansion modules, ATD 29-WF4616 Data logger and computer. When the RTC systems receive a command from the test software, (e.g. a pressure increase, closing the pressure line to the triaxial cell, changing the speed of the triaxial load frame or changing the flow direction of the automatic volume change valve), the commands are then applied to the triaxial system by a closed loop control system using feedback from the ATD Data logger. The RTC module then runs independently of the test software maintaining all the current parameters until new commands are sent from the test software.

29-WF4537 Expansion module
Added to the 29-WF4530 RTC base system, expand the control capacity to two or max. three Triaxial systems. The hardware is identical to the RTC base system.  It has to be factory installed in the same chassis of the RTC base system as shown in the picture.

29-WF4531 Double additional pressure output module
Added to the RTC base system 29-WF4530 or to the Expansion module 29-WF4537, controls two more pressure outputs and the relevant accessories to measure the volume change. The base system RTC can accept up to three 29-WF4531 units, to be used for permeability or unsaturated soil tests. Specifications are identical to the 29-WF4530 base system except for the RS232  and Ethernet ports which are not included.

29-WF4515 Two way open and close valve
It is positioned on the triaxial cell to open and close the pressure line to the cell and it is controlled by the RTC 29-WF4530 module or thr RTC 29-WF4537 expansion module.
  • Solenoid operating speed: <10 ms
  • Weight approx.: 0.2 kg
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Technical specifications

29-WF4530 RTC base system

Closed loop system firmware featuring:
  • 2 Pressure control outputs
  • 2 Open and closed valve control outputs
  • 2 Automatic volume change device flow control outputs
  • 1 RS232 port for triaxial load frame
  • 1 Network Ethernet port     
RTC module management software featuring:
  • System setups
  • Channel management
  • Transducer calibration:
From 2 to 10 calibration points
Linear or polynomial best fit equations
Export calibration data to a spreadsheet template for printing certificates
Note: MS EXCEL is required to run the supplied calibration certificate spreadsheet templates.
Dimension and weight
  • Dimensions: 320x270x140 mm
  • Weight approx.: 3 kg

Ordering info

RTC, Real Time Control box, base system, to control one Automatic Triaxial apparatus. 110-240 V, 50-60 Hz. 1 ph

Double additional pressure outputs module  for 29-WF4530 RTC Real Time Control box

Expansion module for 29-WF4530 RTC Real Time Control box, to perform another fully automated triaxial tests

Two way open and close solenoid valve for Automatic triaxial system


High specification desktop PC with LCD monitor, with LAN HUB converter fo Autotriax system 110-240 V, 50-60 Hz, 1 ph

LAN-RS232 converter to connect the Autotriax Automatic triaxial system to the PC. 110-240 V, 50-60 Hz, 1 ph