500/1000kN testing frame for steel and concrete testing

Main features
  • For tensile tests up to 500 kN for testing steel rebars up to 26 mm dia.
  • Connectable as additional frame to AUTOMAX Multitest control console
  • Vertical daylight 450 mm
  • Piston travel 150 mm
  • Compatible specimens: max. rebar dia. 26 mm – max. flat specimen thickness 13 mm
  • Heavy duty high-functionality jaws rated for severe prolonged use
General description
This frame is meant to be connected to an existing AUTOMAX Multitest control console in order to have a unique system suitable to perform both concrete and steel testing.

It is suitable to perform tension tests on steel rebars up to 26 mm dia. and compression tests on cylindrical concrete specimens up to dia. 160x320 mm and cubes up to 150 mm, using the appropriate accessories. 
The frame consists of a very rigid structure with double acting cylinder assembly.
It is supplied complete with a set of tensile holders, 4 wedge grips for flats up to 13 mm thickness, 4 wedge grips for rounds up to 26 mm dia. and 2 sets of grip liners 4 and 8 mm thick.
Furthermore it is fitted with a 150 mm travel high precision displacement transducer allow­ing test execution under cross­head separation control. See Technical Specifications.

Spherical seat and compression platens for concrete specimens are not included and have to be ordered separately (see Accessories).

Technical specifications

  • Load capacity in tension: 500 kN
  • Load capacity in compression: 1000 kN
  • tensile jaws including: 4 wedge grips for flats up to 13 mm thickness, 4  wedge grips for rounds up to 26 mm dia. and 2 sets of grips' liners 4 and 8 mm thick.
  • Maximum distance between grips (tensile mode): approx. 300 mm
  • Specimen length (tensile mode): approx. 500 mm
  • Max vertical clearance for compression (with 70-S0012/1): 695mm
  • Max. ram travel: 150 mm
  • Distance between columns: 310 mm
  • Overall dimensions approx (w x d x h).: 605 x 430x 1750 mm
  • Weight approx.: 550 kg

Ordering info

Combined 500/1000 kN frame, 500 kN for tensile testing on steel rebars up to 26mm diameter and 1000 kN for compression testing on concrete.      
Comprehends tensile jaws with wedges grips and 150 mm travel displacement transducer allowing test execution under crosshead separation control to EN EN ISO 6892-1 (method B) and EN 15630-1, when connected to our AUTOMAX Multitest control console.                                          



Set of lower platen and upper platen with spherical seat, 216 mm dia., for testing cylinders up to dia. 160x320 mm and cubes from 100 to 150 mm. To be completed with the suitable distance pieces depending on the specimen height.
Weight approx.: 45 kg

Distance pieces
Made of steel, these pieces are used to reduce the vertical clearance of the compression machine to a height that is appropriate for the size of the specimen and considering that, in general, the maximum piston travel is 150mm.

Code Dimensions
(diameter xheight, mm)
50-C9080 200 x 30
50-C9082 200 x 50
50-C9083 200 x 68
50-C9084 96 x 158
50-C9086 200 x 100
50-C9087 96 x 130
Front and rear fragment guard