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Renewal of soil mechanics equipment at the laboratory of STL Company in Kota Kinabalu (Borneo)


STL Geotehcnical Engineering Sdn. Bhd. is a Sabah (Malaysia) based company which was established in January 1993, initiated with Site Investigation and Construction Material Testing as its core business.
In October 1994, STL Drilling Sdn. Bhd. (STLD) was established specializing in Construction and Environmental divisions.
Today both STLG and STLD has four well defined operating technical divisions:
1. Site Investigation Division
2. Material Testing Division 
3. Construction Division
4. Environmental Division 

STL employs over 200 personnel encompassing Engineers, Geologists, Supervisors, Drilling Crews, Laboratory and Field Technicians and General Workers.
In soil mechanics and geotechnical area STL operates either in investigation and testing or in projects and specialized works like for example underpinning, micro piles, soil nailings, slope protection, drains and gruniting works. The field investigation section operates in soil borings, in-situ sampling and testing like SPT, field vane, permeability test, pumping test.

As far as the laboratory tests are concerned, STL Group has renewed the equipment for triaxial tests, updating from manual equipment to a latest-generation system, characterized by a high level of automation. Innovation yes, but maintaining continuity: the previous triaxial equipment, which are still partially working, were in fact produced by Wykeham Farrance in the 80s.

The new system installed,  Autotriax 2, consist of a compression frame, 5 kN capacity, and a system with six independent sources of cell & back pressure, three cells for performing standard tests "effective stress" and "total stress".  By this way, you can run automatically and simultaneously saturation and consolidation stages on three tests. Only the subsequent compression stage must be carried out in semi-automatic mode, because the compression machine is configured to be shared with the three cells. The system can be expanded by inserting two other triaxial frames, so that the three specimens can be tested at the same time in the fully automatic mode, also including the compression stage.

The automation of the tests can also be extended to other non-standardized triaxial tests, among which:
- Controlled stress path
- Consolidation under K₀ conditions 
- Permeability
- Testing on unsaturated soils 

A specific software is also available to perform fully automatic consolidation tests at constant rate of strain   (CRS oedometer tests).

At the end, to the lab SRL Geotechnical Engineering in Kota Kinabalu we can only wish to achieve excellent results in the continuity of   Wykeham Farrance brand.