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FRC 2018 — Italy (Fiber Reinforced Concrete)

On 28th to 30th June 2018 CONTROLS GROUP attended, as Gold Sponsor, the "Fiber Reinforced Concrete: from Design to Structural Applications" conference organized by Politecnico of Brescia.

The first international FRC workshop, held in Italy in 2004, identified the lack of specific building codes and standards as major inhibitor to the wider application of this technology in engineering practice.The second international FRC workshop, held in Montreal (Canada) in 2014, focused on State-of-the-Art progress that had been made in term of specifications and applications for building and bridge projects world-wide. The rapid development of tests, the introduction of new materials and the growing interest of the construction industry, suggest the need to hold this forum at closer intervals.

Thanks to the strategy of our Group, based on the continuous improvement to serve the market's needs and development of International Standard, CONTROLS has recently developed the AUTOMAX MULTITEST - a versatile and modular Automatic Computerized Control Console for concrete, cement and steel rebar testing and in particular - for advanced displacement controlled tests for FRC Fiber Reinforced Concrete.

The new AUTOMAX MULTITEST, thanks to its flexibility, has attracted significant interest from attendees.