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CONTROLS SPA has attained status as Authorised European Economic Operator, AEOF number IT 16/1176 (see the European database which contains the credentials of all the Authorised European Economic Operators for verification).

Being AEO means having a recognised quality mark in Europe as well as being able to benefit from fast-track customs procedures and more rapid customs security clearance.

The European certification scheme is open to economic operators and their business partners who are active in the international supply chain (for instance manufacturers, exporters, shippers, shipping companies, bonded warehouses, customs agents, carriers and importers) and who, in the pursuit of their business, take part in activities governed by customs legislation and fulfil certain set criteria by demonstrating that they have a reliable and safe supply chain.

Only by satisfying certain requisites a company can be considered to be reliable in its customs-related operations and acquire AEO status. Accreditation means to adapt the internal procedures in order to make easier for the national customs authorities to check compliance. A company must also ensure appropriate record keeping, prove financial solvency and maintain appropriate safety and security standards.

The holders of AEO status are entitled to fast-track customs procedures and obtain quicker security clearance as well as benefits from a series of direct and indirect advantages for any customs procedures.

Yet another achievement for CONTROLS.