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CONTROLS Group exhibits at Milan's Museum

EARTHQUAKES: origins, history and secrets of Earth’s movements.
From 29th of October 2016 to 30th of April 2017, Milan Museum of Natural History.

In the current situation, in which Italy is living a shocking period due to the telluric movements that since last 24th of August are shaking the very vulnerable central regions causing terrible damages, the exhibit cured by scientific journalist and geologist Marco Stoppato in the Natural History Museum of Milan (Italy), occur in a very sad, even though valid, coincidence.

By chance, a very actual subject, turned not only to raise awareness among the population about the natural events and about their terrible effects, but also to the possible actions to be taken to pursue safety conditions as the adaption of conscious behaviour and practice aimed to limit the damages.

The prevention of the effects is of primary relevance. In this scenario CONTROLS has the honour to participate as a scientific partner of this event providing videos and equipment used in the most skilled laboratories for the determination of the quality and the study of the material’s behaviour during the seismic stresses. This kind of investigations are useful for the territory planning and anti-seismic design, further to the adjustment of the existing heritage.

The photos:
1. The entrance of the Natural History Museum of Milan (Italy).
2. CONTROLS' equipments on display during the exhibit.
3. The rail track distorted by the earthquake in New Zeland (2010).
4. Exhibit's panel.