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7th Conference of Croatian Geotechnical Society

The 7th Conference of the Croatian Geotechnical Society has been held in Varazdin on 10-12 November.

At the event, which saw the participation of both academic members, professional teams and contractors, several research works, experiences and design solutions, related to the defense of the territory have been presented.

The topics of the conference have been the geotechnical aspects of damages caused by natural phenomena, as for example:
  • Floods - stability and failures of dykes
  • Earthquakes and geotechnical engineering
  • Application of satellite rewmote sensiong to natural disaster management
Also appreciated the contribution of experimental researchs and laboratory tests like:
  • Investigation on the critical state of sandy soils by the use of static and dynamic triaxial tests
  • Contribution of laboratory dynamic testing to reduce the seismic risk of foundation soils (seismic microzonation).
High contribution of experts and academics from Croatia and other countries (Yamaguchi University, Vienna University of Technology, Zagreb Gradevinsky Fakultet, Rijeka University, etc..)

CONTROLS GROUP, partecipated with the brand WYKEHAM FARRANCE, in the presentation of the results of a research developed at the University of Enna by the use ofd advanced equipment like the Resonant Column and the Dynamic Triaxial.

CONTROLS GROUP would like to thank all the visitors !