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ISO 6784 | ASTM C469 | BS 1881:121 | DIN 1048 | UNI 6556
General description
General description
They provide a very accurate electrical signal, strictly proportional to the strain of the specimen submitted to load application, for determining the Elastic Modulus and strength characteristics as alternative to the Compressometer-Extensometers 55-C0222/F. They can be applied to the specimen surface by a special Adhesive-Catalyst agent and other accessories all included in the 82-P0399/B Strain gauge application kit.
Up to 4 strain gauges ¼ bridge, and up to 8 ½ bridge, can be directly connected by one or two interfaces 82-P0398  to MCC8 and ADVANTEST 9 Control consoles  which are suitable for cyclic loading and automatic determination of the Modulus of Elasticity.
Strain gauges can also be connected, by one or two interfaces 82-P0398, to a suitable data logger as, for example, the Datalog 82-P0908/B when the load application on the specimen is performed with Automatic compression testers as, for example the AUTOMAX 5 and PILOT 4 models. In this case, one of the channels of the Datalog 82-P0908/B should be used for the load signal coming from an additional pressure transducer with selecting valve fitted to the compression tester.
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Technical specifications

Models 82- P0390 P0391 P0392 P0393
Grid width mm 4,53 3 2 1
Gauge length mm 9.53 20 30 60
Resistance  ohm 120 120 120 120
Bridge ¼ ¼ ¼ ¼
No. of gauges per package 5 10 10 10

Ordering info

Strain gauge, 9.53 mm gauge length. Pack of 5

Strain gauge, 20 mm gauge length. Pack of 10

Strain gauge, 30 mm gauge length. Pack of 10

Strain gauge, 60 mm gauge length. Pack of 10

Connecting terminals, 50 pairs sheet

Strain gauge application kit including: Conditioner, Neutralizer, Acetone, two Tweezers, Adhesive and Catalyst agent, 100 m of Bipolar cable, Solder, electric Welder and carrying case.

Compensation device for up to 4 Wheatsone bridges with ¼ or ½ bridge setup


Adhesive and catalyst agent to glue the strain gauge to the specimen.
(Part of kit 82-P0399/B)