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Programmable accelerated curing tanks

ASTM C684 | BS 1881:112
General description
General description
This test method covers procedures for curing concrete specimens under conditions intended to accelerate the development of strength. Two versions available:
55-C0194/D model which cover the ASTM C684 (Procedure A, warm water method) and BS 1881:112 for 35-55°C hot water method.
55-C0194/DV model, steam method. 

This special curing tanks have been designed for hot water curing or steam curing in accelerated strength concrete. The interior is made from stainless steel. The electronic programmer can control up to four test cycles with different thermal gradients and curing time to a defined temperature value for a complete automatic curing cycle. The control panel include a 28 column thermal printer.
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Technical specifications

  • Temperature range: Model 55-C0194/D ambient to +80°C; Model 55-C0194/DV, ambient to 100°C
  • Heaters: 4500 W
  • Digital thermoregulator with closed loop PID control
  • Internal dimensions: 900x640x600 (h) mm
  • Outside dimensions: 1100x745x815 (h) mm
  • Weight approx.: 115 kg

Ordering info

Programmable accelerated concrete curing tank, hot water method, to ASTM C684 and BS 1881:112, complete with printer. 380 V, 50 Hz, 3 ph.

Programmable accelerated concrete curing tank, steam method, complete with printer. 380 V, 50 Hz, 3 ph.