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Standard Rotational Viscometer

ASTM D2196 | ASTM D4402 | AASHTO T316 | EN 13302
Main features
  • Data displayed: selected speed, selected spindle, viscosity reading, percentuage of full scale, relative andabsolute viscosity
  • Unit converter SI to CGS
  • AUTO-TEST with visual and audible mulfunction alarm
  • AUTO-RANGE function
  • User-enabled calibration
  • High resolution
  • Repeteability: 0.2%

General description
General description
Apparent viscosity of unfilled asphalt is evaluated by a rotational viscometer which measures the torque generated by a calibrated spindle rotating at a selected speed into a bitumen sample heated at  precise temperature in the range from ambient temperature to 260° C. The measured relative resistance to rotation is converted, with a factor,  in viscosity units,  cP or mPa·s. 

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Technical specifications

  • Viscosity  range:  100 – 13,000,000 cP
  • Rotational speed range: 0.3 – 100 rpm
  • Selectable speeds: 18
  • Precision: +/- 1% of full scale
  • Resolution:
    • Using low viscosity adapter: 0.01 cP
    • For viscosity lower than 10.000 cP: 0.1 cP
    • For viscosity equal to or above 10.000 cP: 1 cP
  • Repeatability: 0.2%
  • Shipping weight: approx. 8 kg

81-PV0118 Viscosity ranges (mPa•s)
Spindle models  
TR8 50 – 170 K
TR9 250 – 830 K
TR10 500 – 1.7 M
TR11 1 K – 3.3 M

Ordering info

81 – PV0118
Rotational viscometer supplied with stand, boss head, spindle protection, spindle rack, power supply cable.
100-240V, 50-60 Hz, 1 ph


The temperature control unit consist of a heating chamber that is used to work  in conjunction with rotary viscometers at high temperatures.  Viscosity of solid road unfilled asphalts has to be measured at  temperatures ranging from 34°C to 260° according to the Specifications of ASTM D4402. The heater contains the container with sample  in which a suitable spindle is immersed and driven by the rotary viscometer to measure viscosity. A digital microprocessor control unit grants the required accuracy of test temperature.

Temperature control unit , temperature range from 5°C to 300°C. Complete with set of 4 spindles. 
220-240V, 50-60Hz, 1 ph.

Same as above but 110V, 60Hz, 1 ph

Aluminium disposable test chamber

Stainless steel reusable test chamber