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Internal angle measurement apparatus

EN 12697-10 | EN 12697-31 | SHRP M-002 | EN 12697-31 Annex C | ASTM D7115 | AASHTO TP71
Main features
  • Quick and accurate measurement of the gyratory angle: less than 30 minutes
  • No hot mix asphalt required: the device, introduced in the mould, perfectly simulate the mix sample
  • Fits to any make gyratory compactor
  • No height extrapolation needed
  • 0.01° Class reproducibility, fitting to all standards
  • Battery operated
General description
General description
The importance of a precise gyratory angle has been widely noted. The measurement of the internal angle represents, in practice, the most accurate method of calibration. This method comprises two individual values:
  • Angle between cylinder and top plate, and
  • Angle between cylinder and bottom plate
The average of these two values is taken as the “internal angle”. To date the internal angle calibration of gyratory compactors has been considered a difficult task leading to wide variations in results even between machines of the same brand.
The 76-PV0255 ILS device fully satisfies the verifications requirements to measure the internal angle conforming to EN 12697-31 Annex C. It can also be used on any makes of gyratory compactors.

Operating principle and description
The ILS apparatus is an electromechanical device of cylindrical shape, which will perfectly suit into any gyratory mould 150 mm dia. One short run (10 cycles) is performed for measuring the internal compaction angle of the upper end plate. The ILS is read, and the same is repeated for the bottom end plate. The all over gyratory angle is determined by these two angle values. During the measurements the ILS is generating an accurate mechanical load simulating the presence of mixture, at a correct height of a real mix. By using different generated load levels similar way the angle response of the compaction machine can also be measured. The ILS apparatus is supplied complete with Excel Macro for data acquisition and processing.
In 30 minutes only it is possible to verify the Gyratory compactor, with high accuracy and without need of hot mix.
The apparatus consists of a  steel cylinder housing a mobile structure incorporating a high precision digital gauge. 
  • Battery operated
  • Reproducibility is in 0.01° Class, fitting to all standards
  • Overall dimensions: 150 mm dia., 115 mm high
  • Weight approx.: 5.6 kg
Our \#gyrocomp-gyratory-compactor\# and \#gyrocomp-research-gyratory-compactor\# are verified and calibrated with 76-PV0255 ILS apparatus.
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ILS Internal angle measurement apparatus


Calibrator blocks for ILS, set of two different angles, supplied with factory certificate 


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